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Myles Bowman Dec 15, 2021 10:59:11 AM 9 min read

How Outsourcing to the Right 3PL Partner Can Help You Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions

warehouse-working-loading-boxes-600pxToday, there are multiple major factors contributing to higher shipping rates (among other challenges). These include the ever-growing truck driver shortage, the shipping capacity issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the unprecedented demand for essential goods and the shift in peak seasons.

As carriers rush to play catchup, there’s an ever-increasing demand for trucks, which has led to a capacity shortage that’s been further compounded by the other factors above.

With the lingering effects of the pandemic still affecting production around the world, many businesses are heading into the holiday season facing potentially serious supply chain disruptions. Fortunately, there’s enough time to take proper action to protect your business.

One way to overcome supply chain disruptions is by partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider.

Reasons to Outsource Your Supply Chain Management to a 3PL

3PLs Have Large Networks of Qualified Freight Carriers

Good 3PLs have fully vetted networks of qualified and reliable freight carriers. Because of their qualified networks, 3PLs can help you secure carriers that are most beneficial to you in terms of efficiencies and cost savings. You want a 3PL partner that will leverage carrier selection to meet your specific needs and build strategic partnerships that meet your growth goals.

3PLs Can Help With Warehouse Staffing

Warehouse staffing has long been a major supply chain challenge for many shippers and manufacturers. The pandemic has further complicated the situation. However, warehouse staffing may be a challenge that you no longer need to deal with.

A key benefit that a 3PL can provide is the optimum utilization of both equipment and labor in a shared distribution center environment. The goal is to match the needs of fulfillment operations with other users of the facility who have complementary peaks and valleys. For example, if your products are most in-demand during the winter holidays, the shared facility can flex both equipment and workers that typically help fulfill orders for consumers of outdoor products that are popular in the summer.

3PLs Have Deep Industry Expertise

A valuable 3PL provider has focused experience where you need it within the supply chain. Because a 3PL has experience moving different products in many industries to and from all parts of the world, they can provide insights and knowledge that their customers may be missing.

This expertise can be used to help streamline processes, identify inefficiencies, promote cost savings and navigate your shipping needs from end to end. Effective 3PLs can leverage their relationships to help secure more favorable contracts with your carrier of choice, while also helping guide you toward the most cost-efficient and reliable shipping methods.

3PLs Deliver Full Visibility With Real-Time Alerts

You're likely reliant upon accurate, real-time visibility to make proactive decisions. After all, you need to know where your products are, when they're shipping and how day-to-day operations are going.

3PLs can deliver total supply chain visibility and real-time updates that will increase your speed-to-market, reduce your capital expenditures and help you efficiently manage your inventory and risk.

How G&B Fulfillment Can Help You Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions

Whether you need ecommerce, multichannel fulfillment or transportation management solutions, you can trust the experts at G&B Fulfillment to provide the support your business needs to overcome the challenges of today’s supply chain disruptions.

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Our industry expertise, coupled with a world-class warehouse and order management system, ensure that we properly care for your inventory and fulfill it accurately and quickly.
Multichannel and Retail Distribution

Value-added services, EDI integrations and insider retail knowledge come together to give you everything you're looking for in a supply chain solutions partner.
Transportation Support

We act as an extension of your team to reliably schedule deliveries and pickups, manage the delivery of your parcels and provide competitive rates that help you control shipping costs.

What’s more, we're always:

  • Investing in readily available labor with deep expertise to help streamline processes, identify inefficiencies, promote cost savings and navigate your shipping needs from end to end
  • Sourcing materials much cheaper because we’re buying in bulk
  • Working with more freight forwarders to secure capacity
  • Investing in and building new warehouses for companies looking to grow but getting priced out of the market

Contact us today if you're looking for a 3PL partner who values your business, wants to be an extension of your team and has the dedicated leadership structure that can allow you to grow effectively.

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