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Advanced Order Fulfillment Technology Solutions

We have the tools and technology to analyze and monitor processes to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline fulfillment operations.

The Right Technology for Fast, Simple Order Fulfillment

G&B Fulfillment leverages best-in-class technology to ensure your orders arrive to your customers on time and accurately. Our comprehensive fulfillment technology solutions can be implemented quickly and efficiently, and include order management software (OMS), warehouse management software (WMS) and transportation management software (TMS). Having all of these tools at our disposal allows us to pick, pack and ship orders as you continue to grow—and get them delivered to your customers at world-class service levels. We can do this while also keeping an accurate inventory count and generating useful reports and metrics that you need to manage your business.

Order Management Software (OMS) Our robust OMS can help you save time and money by automating certain aspects of the order management process, eliminating human intervention.
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Our best-in-class WMS can then optimize the order fulfillment process with barcode technology, a multitude of picking options and real-time shipping station integrations that keep our warehouse operating at peak efficiency.
Transportation Management Software (TMS) Our TMS is designed for single or multiple-station shipping operations. A single, easy-to-use interface enables users to compare rates and ship using any carrier while providing seamless integration with your business systems. This multiple-carrier shipping software supports DHL, FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, LTL and more. Our TMS also provides robust, multi-carrier shipping and rating "engine" (API / toolkit).

Order Management Software (OMS)

Customer expectations and product demands have changed. Customers want flexibility as they drive the buying journey. Merchants must adjust quickly to ensure they are delivering a seamless, cost-effective experience. Our OMS provides key benefits that align a company with evolving customer expectations and current market demands, including cost savings, improved inventory management and the ability to provide better customer service through real-time updates.

Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Our WMS acts as the central hub of your supply chain solution, integrating accounting/order and shipping software systems, EDI systems, reports, radio frequency and barcode hardware and warehouse automation equipment. The combination of all these elements delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time WMS that helps you:

  • Boost productivity, which will reduce costs
  • Shorten order fulfillment processing time
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Deliver a rapid ROI

Transportation Management Software (TMS)

Our transportation management portal provides you with cost details, real-time alerts, key performance indicators (KPIs), reporting metrics and seamless supply chain visibility into every order. Increased visibility ultimately leads to better decision-making. Additionally, visibility of real-time rates for multiple services, modes and options affords the flexibility to optimize customer requirements and your bottom line.

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Fulfillment Technology You Can Rely On

While gathering information on packages and inventory levels is essential, managing that information to efficiently analyze and use it to one’s advantage is the ultimate goal. We strive to support your web application integration needs to achieve your growth goals. Our fulfillment software solutions come with pre-built application programming interfaces (APIs) to major shopping carts and partners, including Shopify, Big Commerce, Amazon, Magento, SPS Commerce, UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and Endicia.


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