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G&B Fulfillment Services Help High-Growth Industries Compete

Rely on warehouse and fulfillment services that support a wide range of industries and allow you to focus on what's important: building your brand.

Depend on Experts With Decades of Industry Experience

G&B Fulfillment has developed proven operating processes for the primary industries that we service. Our team of experts has decades of experience in those industries as well as warehouse and fulfillment operations. We’ve lived the business from your side of the equation. We know what it takes to make a difference between average outcomes and the excellence that you need to grow your business.

Seamless & Simple Fulfillment for Fast-Growing Brands

We make product delivery frictionless, so you can stop worrying about how your products will get to their destinations and focus on growing your business. Work with a 3PL partner that understands the challenges fast-growing businesses in your industry face.

We address the unique logistics challenges that are specific to each of the industries below.


We provide a wide range of ecommerce fulfillment services that are impactful and ensure your company’s toughest goals are met, including:

  • High-volume shipping management
  • Scaling with seasonal surges, product launches and other events
  • Negotiated carrier rates to pass on savings
  • Real-time carrier selection to match service level and delivery window to customer expectations
  • Support of Fulfillment by Merchant (FbM)

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)

Our DTC order fulfillment solutions are designed to act as an extension of your brand. With a commitment to the highest service levels in the industry, our approach ensures seamless management of ecommerce fulfillment, from efficient handling of seasonal demands to supporting rapid growth. You can expect:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast and accurate order processing

Our approach integrates advanced technology to optimize operations, guaranteeing precise and efficient delivery of every product. By utilizing state-of-the-art scanning technologies, G&B Fulfillment drastically minimizes errors, providing a dependable and enjoyable shopping experience for all customers. This commitment to accuracy and efficiency fosters trust among consumers and enhances G&B Fulfillment's standing in the bustling online marketplace.


We empower retailers to efficiently reach end-consumers across multiple channels, including physical stores, distribution centers, ecommerce platforms and DTC avenues. Our approach emphasizes retail compliance, strategic retail consolidation and supply chain visibility, optimizing transportation costs and maximizing efficiency and profitability. By leveraging our expertise in retail compliance and value-added solutions, including electronic data interchange (EDI) expertise, we ensure seamless product movement and multichannel order fulfillment. Partnering with G&B Fulfillment allows retailers to navigate distribution complexities confidently, enhancing customer reach, satisfaction and enabling focused growth and engagement in their retail operations.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

We serve a wide array of industries with comprehensive support for CPG wholesale and direct distribution. Our expertise extends across all channels, catering to diverse products and brands within sectors that include:

  • Apparel
  • Cosmetics & toiletries
  • Fashion accessories & stationery
  • Fitness supplements
  • Small appliances
  • Pet supplies
  • Toys

When partnering with G&B Fulfillment, clients benefit from a seamless distribution process, leveraging our extensive network and industry knowledge to enhance market reach and customer satisfaction. Our tailored solutions ensure that every client receives focused attention and services that align with their specific needs and challenges.


We excel in ecommerce 3PL services, particularly within the global toy market, where we ensure the timely and accurate delivery of high-demand products. Our expertise in navigating ecommerce trends and consumer behaviors allows us to effectively manage inventory, avoiding stockouts and ensuring a smooth supply chain flow. By offering strategic ecommerce logistics solutions specifically tailored for the toy industry, we:

  • Enhance efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Exceed consumer expectations
  • Create memorable experiences

Our deep understanding of the toy market allows us to handle high-volume demands efficiently, ensuring that the latest toys reach consumers on time. Toy manufacturers partnering with G&B Fulfillment benefit from our dedication to supply chain excellence, which allows them to concentrate on innovation and brand growth, with the assurance that their products are delivered seamlessly to eager consumers.


G&B Fulfillment is a process-oriented company that understands these industries and applies our processes to focus on achieving a very high level of output.

Our processes are designed to ensure accurate and timely shipments that meet or exceed your requirements. We have proven experience across a number of industries and understand the unique challenges of each one. 

For uninterrupted service, our warehouse and office staff are cross-trained on multiple tasks and clients. The absence of any particular individual won’t slow down our operations or reduce order accuracy or fulfillment efficiency.

Our team has decades of insider knowledge of most retailers and their specific compliance requirements. Let our team navigate the complex processes required to comply with the specific routing guide of retailers, both large and small, so that you're able to rest easy knowing that your goods are seamlessly moving from point A to point B.


We offer a comprehensive and dynamic approach to managing and optimizing the supply chain for consumer packaged goods across various channels. We offer:

  • Picking, packing and shipping B2B and B2C for retail supply chains 
  • Fulfillment by merchant (FbM)
  • Ticketing, kitting and repackaging
  • Best-in-class inventory management
  • EDI for seamless communication and data exchange


Regardless of your specific industry, our comprehensive fulfillment technology solutions can be implemented quickly and efficiently. These state-of-the-art tools equip us to pick, pack and ship orders as your company scales, building customer loyalty with world-class service levels. We can do this while also keeping an accurate inventory count and generating useful reports and metrics that you need to manage your business.

ORDER MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (OMS) Our robust OMS helps save time and money by automating certain aspects of the order management process, eliminating human intervention.
WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (WMS) Our best-in-class WMS optimizes the order fulfillment process with barcode technology, a multitude of picking options and real-time shipping station integrations that ensure the warehouse operates at peak efficiency.
TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (TMS) Our TMS is designed for single or multiple-station shipping operations. A single, easy-to-use interface enables users to compare rates and ship using any carrier while providing seamless integration with your business systems. This multiple-carrier shipping software supports DHL, FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, LTL and more. Our TMS also provides robust, multi-carrier shipping and rating "engine" (API / toolkit).

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