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Avoid missed sales and poor customer experiences with custom inventory management solutions that ensure accuracy because they're backed by best-in-class processes and industry-leading expertise and technology.

Inventory Management That Optimizes Your Operations

Reduce costs and keep sales flowing with inventory accuracy based on proven best-in-class processes that deliver laser-focused visibility for each product. Count on the inventory management services you need to optimize your operations with an experienced supply chain partner.

Build Your Business Success With Accurate Inventory

Accurate inventory count is the foundation of your business. The process begins when the products arrive in the warehouse and follows through inbound receiving, put away and warehousing. If the inbound orders are inaccurate in some way, the count for the product will disrupt the entire sales and fulfillment process through picking, packing and shipping.

Accurate inventory is table stakes for the success of your company. With an accurate count, you can confidently sell items to customers online or in-store. It doesn’t take much for ecommerce shoppers to abandon a cart, and an out-of-stock or back-order message will often cost you a sale.

Precise Inventory Management & Demand Forecasting

By knowing how much product you have on hand and the rate of sales, you can use demand forecasting to manage your buffer stock with greater accuracy. Optimize your re-orders to pay for only what you need. Also, you can avoid a stock-out that disappoints your customers. We assist with supplier coordination to ensure inventory remains at the desired levels.

With an accurate inventory count, you can take advantage of our variable rates, allowing you to pay for only the services you use.

Why Use G&B Fulfillment for Inventory Management?

G&B Fulfillment has deployed best-in-class processes that have been tried and tested over many decades in the industry. Backed by the latest technology, our team follows inventory control processes to manage the physical and digital inventory records. Our team can customize the processes to meet your requirements.

How You Benefit From Our Inventory Management Services

Inventory Visibility Our WMS provides real-time information about inventory levels and locations so that have the information you need to manage your go-to-market strategy. Our EDI technology ensures you have the latest data available.
Multichannel Fulfillment Our robust systems and processes allow you to leverage the same inventory for both B2B and B2C channels, reducing your costs to serve both markets.
Transportation Support Our team acts as an extension of your team to reliably schedule inbound deliveries with your suppliers and manage transportation services to help you control shipping costs.
National Footprint No matter where you’re located, we can provide multiclient and dedicated warehouse space to support your national distribution.
30+ Years of Providing Successful Order Fulfillment Services
30,000,000+ Units Shipped by G&B Fulfillment each year


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