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G&B Fulfillment Delivers for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry

Find warehousing and fulfillment services backed by strategic expertise that's proven to grow CPG companies like yours.

Gain Access to the People, Processes & Technology That Deliver Operational Proficiency

G&B Fulfillment helps CPG brands grow by managing the order fulfillment process with outsourced warehousing and fulfillment operations, leaving more time to focus on what they do best.

We have the people, processes and technology to proficiently handle CPG products, with the capacity for high-value, high-volume orders, fulfillment and inventory management. We manage seasonal surges as well as consistent volumes year-round.

Our technology enables highly efficient ecommerce fulfillment returns, enhanced visibility and increased speed to market while our expert team provides strategic solutions that increase efficiencies and produce cost savings.

Let Us Manage the Complexities of Consumer Packaged Goods Fulfillment

The world of CPG fulfillment is evolving as brands expand to embrace ecommerce sales as well as traditional B2B fulfillment.

To manage this increasingly complex channel, many leading brands outsource order fulfillment to a third-party logistics provider (3PL) or a fulfillment center. You may be running out of space in your current facility or looking to scale your business without additional investment into logistics infrastructure. That’s when a 3PL can help you overcome the challenges of limited space for inventory and fulfillment operations that may be hindering your growth.

What Can a 3PL Offer CPG Manufacturers?

Many 3PLs provide warehouse security, return services and secure shipping options for peace of mind that your products are delivered on time to the right place.

Some brands outsource all their fulfillment, while others use a hybrid model. Some orders are handled in-house in certain circumstances, while others are outsourced to the 3PL due to size, order frequency, volume or other factors.

We Understand the Challenges Your Industry Is Facing

G&B Fulfillment has deep experience in fulfillment for major CPG brands, offering flexibility and cost-effective, seamless service that delights your customers and the bottom line. We've been in your shoes and understand the challenges fast-growing businesses like yours face.

We support CPG distribution for all types of products and brands across all channels, including:

  • Apparel
  • Cosmetics & toiletries
  • Fashion accessories & stationery
  • Fitness supplements
  • Small appliances
  • Pet supplies
  • Toys

How CPG Fulfillment Works

We have helped many CPG brands grow faster with our expertise in inventory management and fulfillment and the technology to make it work.

Here’s our process:

Connect your order system to our technology
Store your inventory at our locations
Orders are forwarded to our systems, and we generate picking lists to begin the order fulfillment process
We pick, pack and ship the products and generate tracking info for you and your customers
We select the best transportation option for your shipment, taking advantage of our discounted rates with the parcel carriers

How Outsourced CPG Fulfillment Helps Companies Grow

Inventory Management

Maintaining optimal inventory is critical for CPG brands. Too much inventory can impact the bottom line. Understocked products lead to a loss of consumer confidence and loyalty. Accurate visibility into inventory stocks is critical for your success.

Demand Planning

Historic data is no longer sufficient to guide inventory decisions. Brands must tap into other data sources to regulate inventory levels and create forecasting models. A 3PL with technical expertise and broad industry connections can guide the development of inventory planning based on trends across the supply chain world.

Supply Chain Visibility

Often, what happens to a shipment once it leaves the warehouse can be a mystery. Brands require visibility and traceability on en-route orders. With better visibility through our sophisticated systems, brands have better quality control and inventory insights.

Deep Experience in Simplifying CPG Fulfillment

We build high-quality relationships that lead to long-term growth for our clients and their businesses.

Our experts understand how to store inventory accurately to eliminate picking errors and other problems. We can build in warehouse efficiencies to increase your speed to market.

We get orders out on time with world-class levels of accuracy. Turn to G&B Fulfillment to support your growing business through the volume peaks and valleys and bring peace of mind to your supply chain.

CPG Order Fulfillment Whether you’re delivering to a distribution center or directly to a consumer, we have the industry experience, coupled with a world-class warehouse and order management system, to ensure that we properly care for your inventory, fulfill it accurately and do it quickly—with the speed you need to compete.
Multichannel Retail Distribution You will receive the value-added services, electronic data interchange (EDI) integrations and insider retail knowledge you need from a supply chain solutions partner. Our deep ecommerce expertise allows you to leverage the same inventory for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) channels.
Transportation Support We act as an extension of your team to reliably schedule deliveries and pickups, manage the delivery of your shipments and provide competitive rates that help you control shipping costs.

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